5. Selection Boards

http://milrecruiter.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/06/AFRC-UFT-SELECTION-BOARD-24-04-RESULTS-MEMO.pdf5.1.  Overview.  Air Force Reserve Command UFT Selection Boards convene quarterly at HQ AFRC, Robins AFB, GA.  Regular (non-ROTC) boards usually convene on the second Tuesday of October, January, April and July.  Applications may be submitted per Section 4 no later than the last day of the month immediately preceding the month in which the board convenes (e.g. applications must be submitted by September 30th to meet the October selection board).  An annual ROTC Selection Board convenes each October (see Section 8 for more information about the AFR ROTC program).

5.2.  Selection Factors.  Many factors go into the selection of UFT candidates.  These factors include, but are not limited to, flying experience, prior military experience, AFOQT/PCSM scores, degree and GPA, sponsorship status, and any required exceptions to policy.  The board strives to select the most qualified applicants for flying training and to ensure training allocations are utilized to the maximum extent possible.  If not selected on a UFT board, applicants may reapply to a subsequent board, provided something in their application package has changed (e.g. more flight hours, higher test scores, etc.).

5.3.  Board Results and Notification Process.  Board results are usually released at or near the end of the month in which the board convened.  Upon approval of the UFT board results, AFRC/A3 notifies NAF and wing (or ROTC detachment) commanders of the results via email.  Commanders should notify selectees of their selection within one week of receipt of the results message.  One week after commanders are notified, the results are released to AFRC Recruiting Squadron and posted below.

5.4.  Upcoming UFT Boards Schedule and Information.  Future board dates are approximate and subject to change.  Regular (non-ROTC) selection boards are open to all sponsored applicants.  Unsponsored applicants may apply to a regular (non-ROTC) selection board if they meet the following requirements: minimum PCSM score of 90, no exceptions to policy, and willing to fly any AFRC tanker or transport aircraft at any AFRC location.  Unsponsored candidates are not eligible for fighter, bomber, or special-mission aircraft.  

24-05 (18 Jul 24).  Application deadline is 30 Jun 24. 

24-06 (17 Oct 24).  Application deadline is 30 Sep 24. 

24-07 ROTC (17 Oct 24).  For ROTC cadets.  Application deadline is 30 Sep 24. 

25-01 (16 Jan 25).  Application deadline is 31 Dec 24. 

25-02 (17 Apr 25).  Application deadline is 31 Mar 25. 

25-03 (17 Jul 25).  Application deadline is 30 Jun 25. 

25-04 (16 Oct 25).  Application deadline is 30 Sep 25. 

25-05 ROTC (16 Oct 25).  For ROTC cadets.  Application deadline is 30 Sep 25. 


5.5.  UFT Board Results Memos.  Click on the hyperlinks below for previous board results memos.  

24-04 (25 Apr 24)

24-03 (11 Jan 24)

24-02 (23 Oct 23) 

24-01R ROTC (23 Oct 23)

23-05 (24 July 23)

23-04 (12 Apr 23)

23-03 (11 Jan 23)

23-02 (1 Nov 22)

23-01 ROTC (1 Nov 22)

22-05 (12 Jul 22)


5.6.  Guidance for Selectees.  The 340th Flying Training Group (340 FTG) will manage your training and will be in contact with you soon after your selection to facilitate your gain into the Air Force Reserve.  Be prepared for delays in this process, depending upon the status of your flight physical and training availability.  Please allow at least 30 days for 340 FTG to contact you to schedule your training. If you have not heard from them after 30 days post-board selection, please contact them at [email protected] or 210-652-6107.  ROTC cadets selected for the RCP-R program should follow the guidance in Section 8.4.

5.6.1.  Flight Physical.  Commencement of training is contingent upon having a certified flight physical. If you do not have a certified flight physical, work with your recruiter and/or sponsoring unit to schedule the appropriate flight physical (be sure to mention your selection on an AFRC UFT Board). Once your flight physical is approved/stamped certified, notify 340 FTG via email at [email protected].  Selectees must have an appropriate Flying Class Physical certified by AETC Surgeon General that is valid through the start date of their training program (ENJJPT, SUPT, URT, UCT and UABMT). All flying class physicals are good for 48 months following the certification date. Some selects have current physicals which will expire before their training start date. It is the member’s responsibility to seek a new flying class physical, if required, based on the class start date on their orders. For more flying class physical information, reference AFI 48-123, Medical Examinations and Standards.

5.6.2.  OTS.  All non-officer selectees will attend Officer Training School (OTS).  Information on OTS is available at https://www.airuniversity.af.edu/Holm-Center/OTS/.  All officer candidates must comply with AFMAN 36-2905, AF Physical Fitness Program, upon arrival for training.  340 FTG will contact you for scheduling.

5.6.3.  IFT.  UPT selectees without a private pilot’s license will be scheduled for Initial Flight Training (IFT).  Information on IFT is available at https://www.cae.com/defense-security/what-we-do/training-centres/usaf-initial-flight-training-ift.

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