UPT and Rated Applicants

Pilot slots in the Guard and Reserves are (almost) universally considered the best deal in military aviation.  Fly the plane you want in the location you want as often as you want (e.g. part-time or full-time). 

Sound too good to be true? It’s not.  Check out BogiDope.com and FlyingSquadron.com to learn more about Guard/Reserve flying opportunities.

Unfortunately, applying for these coveted slots have always been a royal pain. 175 different flying squadrons posting job announcements in different places at different times (or not posting anything at all) and all having slight differences in the application requirements.  By making it so painful, the DoD has unintentionally decreased your likelihood to apply to every squadron that interests you. 

MilRecruiter has brought the application process into the 21st century by simplifying a universal digital application!  Now there is one centralized place for squadron hiring data, and only one application to fill out that can be customized to the squadrons of your choice.  

You’ve done all the hard work to be competitive.  MilRecruiter can maximize your exposure to your dream squadrons and increase your chances of being selected. 

Tools To Help You Succeed

Centralized Squadron Hiring Info

  • Centralized location for all squadron hiring data
  • UPT and Rated Hiring Points of Contact
  • Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) for each squadron
  • Required squadron documents for the application
  • Announcements and Rushing information

Universal Digital Application

  • General contact information
  • AFOQT & PCSM scores (UPT only)
  • Education Experience 
  • Last 7 Years of Work & Military Experience (if applicable)
  • Civilian Flight Experience (UPT only)
  • Military Flight Experience & Quals (Rated only)

Customize Squadrons & Attachments

  • 175+ Squadrons to apply to.  You pick who sees your app.
  • Upload squadron specific documents only they will see
  • Validate your app to ensure you’re not missing anything
  • Preview to see exactly what/how the squadrons will see it

Disclaimer: MilRecruiter is NOT an official Department of Defense (DoD) website or service.  The views expressed and the processes established do not represent the DoD or US Government.

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