Squadron Representatives

You want the best possible candidates to join your squadron for the next 10-20 years, right?  The problem is that it takes work to run a hiring board — A LOT of work!

Creating the job announcement, advertising it, collecting the application packages, filtering out the unqualified, and eventually narrowing down to your list of finalists doesn’t just take hours, it can take weeks.    In the current system, if you have 150 applicants for a traditional UPT board and spent just 15 minutes reviewing each application, you will need to spend nearly 8 hours a day for an entire work week just to get through the first rounds of cuts.

MilRecruiter saves you and your team a significant amount of time and headache while supplying you with more qualified candidates.  What once took you a week can now be accomplished with a few clicks of the mouse.

Tools To Help You Save Time & Find Great Candidates

Customizable Squadron Page

  • UPT & Rated hiring info in one easy-to-find place
  • No need for complex hiring board announcements
  • Squadron FAQ section to publicly answer common questions
  • Make announcements & upload required documents

Filter & Sort Key Metrics

  • Filter UPT list by age, education, flight time, scores, etc.
  • Filter Rated list by rank, year group, quals, aircraft flown, etc.
  • Sort by star ranking, “favorites,” age, score, flight time, GPA, etc.

Team Collaboration

  • Manage squadron representative permissions & roles
  • Make private and public notes on applicants
  • 5-Star system to sort via squadron average applicant ranking

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